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About Us

Everything You Need to Know if You are a Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainers for Gym in the UK

If you are a determined fitness instructor in the UK, then our online listing directory is the perfect fit for your skills. We are the one-stop solution for the owner of gyms in the UK. If you have a targeted audience in your mind but are finding it difficult to reach them then you need not worry anymore.

Our online directory has simple options that help potential customers apply filters according to their needs. Our advanced SEO helps the customer to find you when they are looking for fitness services or personal trainers for gyms. We provide B2B and B2C services i.e. our website is open for all kinds of customers to take a look at the services that are available. Also, we call out for potential clients to register with us if they wish to improve their brand reach.

For business owners in the fitness sector, we break the barrier between you and your customers. Our website is regularly visited by customers from all over the UK. You get to showcase your skill and we make use of it to help you find customers that are in need of your services. 

The key highlights of our website are as follows:

  • Our website is user-friendly i.e. it is designed keeping in mind all age groups. The customer’s age could vary from 16 to 60. We have brought together the perfect minds to build a directory that is accessible to one and all. 
  • The online directory is visited by an array of customers looking for the most reliable fitness instructor or personal trainers for gyms. The registration helps them to get in touch with you. Our online portal is the most visited web directory in the UK that helps the customer to filter out the most suited service for them.
  • We believe that the in-depth information about a trainer’s skills and experience with accurate contact details are extremely helpful because customers often wish to get in touch with them personally.

The directory follows all protocols declared by the UK government. We respect all norms and try our best to stick to them. During this pandemic, our quality of work didn’t deteriorate at all. We made sure that all the clients registered with us are adopting proper measures to keep themselves healthy. 

We make sure to run a background check for all trainers who register with our web directory. We also make sure that we connect people motivated to work and aspire for a healthy and hygienic life. If you think you are capable of following all such values, feel free to contact us for more queries. 


What are the details that are required for registration?

The registration is not a time-consuming process. The details that you will have to produce are contact numbers, email ids, location of the gyms, valid documents stating your training and experience as a fitness expert. For your benefits, you may add your charges, hours of work and other specifics that you consider important. 

How can I respond to a customer’s query?

Our team works day and night to make sure all necessary information reaches you. You will get an automated mail from our register once a query is posted. The mail will include a link that will direct you to the customer’s query, and you can take it from there.

What are the charges for registration?

You can register free of cost. In case you happen to like our services, we give you an opportunity to opt for a paid subscription. Becoming a paid member of our directory allows you to enjoy more benefits at an affordable rate.

How can I check the status of my listing?

After the enrollment process is complete, you will immediately get a follow-up mail confirming your registration. If you wish to know about your status on the list, you can opt for in-depth information about your enterprise. For personalized services or any status-related queries, feel free to contact us.

How does updating all my information help me?

Incomplete information is bound to raise suspicion in the minds of the customers. If you want to enjoy maximum reach you should definitely update your information regularly. For example, if you have two different contact numbers, it is advisable to provide both. If such precision in filling information is maintained, you would not risk losing a potential customer.